An Introduction to Bingo on your Mobile.


Bingo is one of the world`s favourite gambling activities. It is much more sociable than pumping money into slots and there is a level playing field which relies on luck, not skill, so you can chat and interact with other players. It has become ever more prevalent thanks to online bingo and now it is going mobile, with several bingo services available on your smartphone.

There are a number of major websites and providers who have bingo games specifically tailored to the mobile platform. One of the best examples in the market today comes from Mecca Bingo. If you are already a member of its desktop site and you own an Apple iPhone then you can download the bingo app free of charge. Once the app is installed you will be able to log into your existing account and enjoy the same games, features and jackpots that you would expect from the full site but on the eminently portable format of your smartphone.

Of course you need not feel left out if you have not splashed out on a high-end iPhone, because many other bingo sites provide access to bingo games from a mobile platform. These games can cost a small fee to download and you should be aware that you may have network usage charges to cover when you play. Other popular smartphone platforms including Android, BlackBerry OS and the more basic Java-compatible mobiles are often able to access different sites, but it is worth checking carefully to see which site will offer you the best service for the phone with you own.

The good thing about playing bingo on your mobile phone is that you will not be an isolated player. You can join the same multiplayer 90 and 75 ball games as you would on the desktop. You can even plan to meet up with your friends and enter the same games to add an even greater social element to mobile gaming.

Because bingo operators want to encourage more users to get online and playing with their mobiles there are often incentives to help you start using the services. This can come in the form of free cash added to your account when you start using a given app. If you do win any games while playing on your mobile you will see the funds added straight to the same account as you can access from your laptop or desktop at home, which shows just how convenient it is to play bingo on your mobile phone.


Top Mobile Bingo Sites

  Software Handsets Review Download
1. Kitty Bingo Proprietary
2. Giggle Bingo Proprietary
3. Sky Bingo Proprietary
4. William Hill Bingo Proprietary
5. Mira Bingo Proprietary
6. Bingo Anywhere Proprietary
7. Mobile Bingo Bonanza All Slots MicroGaming

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